Dive in Style and Functionality with Cardzilla's Dive Products

When it comes to dive business operations, Team Cardzilla are experts; training, retail and operations, we have you covered and can share our extensive experience.

Cardzilla offers a wide range of dive products combining functionality, style, and economy. Our products are designed to help the business through branding, increased practicality and/or increased retail sales.

Let's explore some of the exciting options available:

Log Books:

Cardzilla's Log Books are a must-have for divers to not only keep track of their underwater adventures but to stay within standards while training. With optional training content and holes tailored to suit major training agency binders, these log books come in three different sizes: A5, Small, and Pocket.
For the astute dive business, log books are an effective way to promote business – ask us for ideas!

Customised Binder and Wetnote Refill Sheets:

We can customise your inserts. Skills lists, course notes, logs, briefs, risk management matrixes, camera settings, maps – if you can think of it, we can print it!

Cordura Log Book Binders:

Cardzilla's Cordura Log Book Binders are designed with professionalism in mind. Available with either 3 rings (PADI) or 6 rings (SSI), they can accommodate A5 log books and refill pages. Embroidered with your logo, they help with organisation and make a professional statement.

Snorkel Bags:

Keep your snorkelling gear secure and easily accessible with Cardzilla's Snorkel Bags. These bags, available in royal blue or black, feature a mesh bottom to allow water to drain out. With enough space to fit two sets of masks, snorkels, and fins, these bags are perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts. Don't forget to add your embroidered logo for a personalised touch!

Fin Bags:

Travelling divers will appreciate Cardzilla's Fin Bags. Made from durable 420 Denier material, these compact bags can fit one set of mask, snorkel, and fins. Lightweight and convenient, they are designed to protect your gear while on the go. Customise them with your embroidered logo for a professional touch.

Slip on and Velcro Mask Straps:

Cardzilla's Mask Straps offer both comfort and branding opportunities. Keep your divers comfortable while promoting your business with an embroidered logo at the same time. Slip on straps slide over the existing silicone strap and the Velcro version replaces the silicone strap. Both add comfort and style to a diver (especially those with longer hair!).

Fish Identification Cards:

Explore the diverse marine life of Australasian waters accompanied by Cardzilla's Fish Identification Cards. With six options to choose from, these cards provide a wealth of information to help you identify various creatures and coral species in different regions of Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to the cooler waters of Victoria. Each card comes with a lanyard, making it easy to keep secure in the water. Customise them with your logo to showcase your brand.

Nitrox Cards:

For divers interested in nitrox diving, Cardzilla's Nitrox Cards are a durable and long-lasting solution. These cards include your logo and come with a lanyard, ensuring you have important gas information at your fingertips.

Waterproof ‘paperwork’:

Cardzilla can provide customised administration paperwork in waterproof material that is easy to write on, saving you potential liability exposure from required (paper) documents getting soggy and unreadable.

By choosing Cardzilla, you not only support a local Australian company but also gain reliable and customised gear that enhances your diving adventures developed out of experience. So, gear up, express your brand, and make a splash in the underwater world with Cardzilla!