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Advertise your business with your very own full colour promotional fridge magnets and magnetic signs, using your own design or a design created by the talented team at Cardzilla. 

Fridge and promotional style magnets

Fridge magnets are a longstanding marketing tool that remain just as effective in today’s high-tech society. With every one of us going to the fridge, often multiple times a day, they score prime advertising position in the comfort of our own homes. They also get placed on filing cabinets in the office, around workshops and on various appliances. It’s an ideal opportunity to market your brand and contact details to your customers 24/7.

Our high-quality fridge magnets are a simple and economical way to raise brand awareness, especially with a low minimum order quantity of just 100.

Our magnetic range is perfect for:

  • Various sizes of good, old-fashioned fridge magnets
  • Branded magnetic calendars
  • Save the date cards
  • Invitations

Talk to our team to get started. 

Magnetic Signs

Cardzilla magnetic signs are suitable for cars, utes and so much more. Our magnet is 0.9mm thick for strong magnetic adhesion and durability. They are an easy and cost-effective option to show off your brand on your company vehicles. They also provide the advantage of being able to detach and reattach easily if you are changing between vehicles or driving for personal use.

Our high-quality magnetic signs use:

  • High grade Polymeric vinyl 
  • UV overlaminate to further protect from fading in the sun

They last up to 3 years outdoors in normal use conditions.

Custom sizes also available up to 600mm wide. Ask our team how we can help you today!

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