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Say hello with a business card!
As first point of contact with a new client, a business card represents you and your company. This means it needs to be of a high standard and finish to ensure it gives a lasting impression. With a well-designed business card in your hand, you will carry a distinct advantage over your competition. 


Here at Cardzilla we have in-house graphic designers who can help you create a business card that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. While our standard business cards are printed on thick 350gsm card and cut to 90 X 55mm, we can cut them to a customized smaller size on request.


Should I get single- or double-sided cards?

It depends on how much information you want to give.

Single-sided cards are great for people who only want to give their contact details along with their company name and/or logo. 

Double-sided cards allow you to use the back of the card for appointments, quotes, maps to show where you are located or a list of services that you offer. They can even be used for loyalty cards or special offers. Double-sided cards are great value!

Rounded Corners anyone?

Be a real individual. Have one, two or all corners on your card rounded. This is an easy and effective way of making your card different from others’.

Super Gloss Cello Glaze or Matte Cello Glaze, what’s that?

These are extra processes that give your cards that point of difference and keep them looking good (just like you). Both types of Cello Glaze make your cards feel thicker and stronger.

Super Gloss will give your card that glossy finish with extra shine. It’s great for grabbing attention. 

Matte Cello glazed cards give you that silky, smooth finish to reflect your corporate image. 

If you need to write on the back of your card, we recommend Super Gloss on the front and Matte Cello glaze on the back.

Need to STAND OUT even MORE?

Why not spot gloss your logo or even spot gloss a water mark on your card? With Cardzilla’s Xerox 1000i800 press, the options are endless. It provides a unique design and finish that will make your cards the envy of all your friends and colleagues. Spot gloss will help your logo really jump off the card to help you build your business and STAND OUT from your competitors.

Like a bit of Bling?

Our Xerox 1000i has the option of a 5th colour, either metallic gold or metallic silver. With suitable artwork, your printing will be greatly enhanced and can be dialled up or down to create a memorable effect. 

Other options are adding our Gold or Silver foiling to your print. Giving an upmarket feel, this classy option gives a long lasting impression without the cost. Great for businesses cards, but can also be used for events, weddings, certificates and more.

Want to Feel Different?

Try Cardzilla’s linen business card stock. It is a specialty card that replicates the look and feel of linen cloth. With slightly lifted fibres, it gives a uniquely textured feel unlike any other card. This uncoated stock is available in 260gsm artboard. It gives a sophisticated feel to match that of an upscale business.

Like it a little bit THICKER?

Our 400gsm cards are printed on a deluxe art board, which gives a very thick feel. With either a matte or a gloss cello glaze finish, which helps your cards keep their professional look longer, these cards will be the envy of all of your friends and colleagues.

Did You Know?

With free delivery Australia-wide on all our business cards, we already have a number of clients in every state and territory.

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