Thank you for visiting our sponsorship page.

Cardzilla is proudly locally owned business, employing locals and manufacturing in FNQ.

Through various forms of sponsorship, we and our staff, get a kick out of being able to support the region and the communities that support our business. This page is where we offer the opportunity for FNQ charities, clubs and other NFP organisations to apply for help with your cause but there are a few provisos.  (PS – If you don’t know ‘FNQ’ you’re probably not local to us and while we are happy to support you with our products we are less likely to ‘sponsor’ you!)

We are a business and as such have to support, staff, overheads and various debts and ultimately make money to continue to stay in business and be able to continue to support the region through employing staff and the flow on effect of needing services etc. As such we set a budget per month to sponsorship. Please bare this in mind with what you ask for and let our limited budget go further and assist others too.

To apply please ensure you fall into one of the following categories and complete the application form below. If have any question please email director@cardzilla.com.au

Eligible categories:

  • Not for profit organisation
  • Registered charity
  • Community organisation