Who gives a F…irst impression!?

Common sense should tell most people that how something is presented will influence the perception of those viewing it. Typically, why do lawyers wear suits, real estate agents drive upmarket cars, and young single people spend much time and money on appearance!?

Whether you are looking or not, people generally judge with their eyes. First impressions last, be it the daughter's new boyfriend or the restaurant menu!

'Sales' is worse than a four-letter word - it has five letters! Despite many people being averse to sales or selling, EVERYONE does it. If you have a job or a partner, you have likely sold yourself to someone (or the bank!). Most kids sell their parents the idea of why they should have or do something, and everyone has surely sold themselves on why the desert is a good idea. In all these, sight and presentation have played a role; what you wear on a date or to the bank, the natural 'puppy dog eyes' that convince mum/dad it's a good idea and the picture of pure deliciousness on the menu.

If you are in business, presentation is crucial to your success. The only service that really relies on something other than selling itself is the Emergency Ward at the hospital. In this case, the doctor may not need to consider their presentation, but the rest of us really do rely on giving a good impression to sway the perception of the customer toward our product or service.

Business first impressions are given by anything that introduces it to the customer; business cards, signage, adverts, documentation (forms/flyers/brochures/menus), uniform and the business premise, especially the entry area. These are all key to making that first impression.

Cardzilla has the tagline of 'Build your business with Cardzilla', and we mean it as the products we create are often the first impression of your business to someone. If you realise that your business may need a facelift or update with regard to the first impression it gives, please make sure to contact us today.

Most of the brain deals with sight as its influence is huge on our decision-making (what we buy or what services we use). Sight is the most common sense.