Would you let your children design your business logo?

Your potential customers decide if they would like to connect with your brand within a matter of minutes. If they don’t engage with your logo design, you may miss out completely on their business, regardless of how fantastic your offering is. A professional graphic designer knows what elements would attract prospective audiences to logos, and how to determine how consumers will rate your overall trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism. Just as you understand the fundamental requirements within your business’ product and service range, proficient graphic designers understand and incorporate this knowledge into the planning stage.

Considering that you'd never cut corners on finding the right staff or machinery for your business, you should not cut costs for brand design. When you hire a graphic designer, you're working with someone who is highly dedicated and passionate about design, and will ensure the final product is versatile, professional and can be easily updated. As part of their process, time is spent researching designs currently being used, on trend, what works for specific industries, and what could result as a sure failure!

It's one thing to say that you don't like certain logos, but it's a whole other skill to know why people don't like that logo. The science behind colours, shapes, formatting, and the adaptability of a logo are all at the forefront during the design process. Creating a logo may seem like a simple concept, but a professional graphic designer knows what works, and what will make your business stand out for the right reasons.

At Cardzilla, as part of our team of experts we encompass onsite graphic design specialists with professional experience. Working alongside a variety of clientele ensures the expertise needed when looking at the flexibility of your logo design and the bigger picture for additional placements including embroidery, business cards, letterheads, signage and merchandise. The list is endless!

Here are our designers top 3 tips when considering a logo design for your brand;

1.     Makes sure your logo has both landscape and portrait options upon completion, versatility will be key throughout your brand placement.

2.     Do your research on other national or global companies within your industry. Success leaves clues!  

3.     Keep it simple and relative in terms to industry, colours and your symbol identity. 

Stuck for an idea? We’re happy to support you with this key element of your business for the years to come.

Connect with our helpful team on info@cardzilla.com.au to arrange a no obligation conversation today.