When cheap doesn't necessarily mean nasty!

For those of us in the know, the big C, in this case Corflute, is way more for less. The big thing about Corflute is the finished product is both durable and cheap – you see it regularly used as advertising, marketing or temporary signage - think sporting club sign on signs, election boards or bigger For Sale signs and construction site signage. We print from small to large sheets but why choose Corflute signs?

So what is ‘Corflute’? In short it’s a double wall corrugated polypropylene, a plastic which is lightweight yet rigid, usually around 3mm to 5mm in thickness. It has medium longevity when used outside making it ideal for temporary signage.

Whether your budget is small or you have an event needing large volumes of signage, Corflute is the most customisable, cost-effective material you can print on in todays market, and the benefits don't stop there!

It has high impact resistance, is die-cuttable, weather and water resistant. The Corflute product is light and tough and is resistant to greases and oils. We can use a UV protecting laminate when we print to give additional UV resistance to products for longer lasting products suitable to our Far Northern climates.

Easy to transport and being sturdy and tough, ensures your marketing message doesn't end up with "doggy ears" whilst in transportation like some of its cousin materials like paper print-outs. 

Be creative and ensure your signage is fit for purpose, our fully customisable Corflute signage options can be tailored to best suit your individual needs and purpose. Contact us for advice on or if you don't have a designer to bring your vision to life, we can help with that too! Ask our friendly team about our wide range of products and services available to you, our customers.